Ariail & Assoc. has been successfully recruiting executives in the furniture industry for over 35 years

VP & GENERAL MANAGER - CASE GOODS DIVISION: For a major U.S. manufacturer/importer. Will manage all domestic manufacturing as well as Asia sourcing and supply chain.

DIRECTOR of SOURCING - CONTRACT: For a high end contract division of a major furniture manufacturer. Will manage all domestic and overseas sourcing and supply chain.

VP UPHOLSTERY MERCHANDISING:  For an industry leader.  Candidate had an established track record with leading transistional and contemporary organizations.

PRESIDENT:  For a 100 year old family owned high end upholstery company located in the Hickory/Lenoir area.  The successful candidate had successfully run a similar operaton.

VP & GENERAL MANAGER, VIETNAM:  High end U.S. owned company producing to the trade lighting, accessories and occasional furniture.  The person recruited has an outstanding name in the international furniture industry.

DIRECTOR OF DESIGN AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT:  Our client was a major manufacturer of upholstery and case goods.  The successful candidate was a name designer with an excellent portfolio.

VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES:  For a $400MM upholstery manufacturer.  The successful candidate was internal but was compared with several excellent candidates from the outside. 

VICE PRESIDENT & GENERAL MANAGER:  For a very profitable company located in the Southwest.  The individual selected had excellent lean manufacturing experience in similar operations. 

PLANT MANAGER, VIETNAM:  The successful candidate was located in a similar operation in the Saigon area.

PRESIDENT/COO:  For a 4,500 employee high end furniture manufacturer located in HCMC, Vietnam.  The individual selected will oversee all operational aspects of the business reporting to the CEO.

PRESIDENT:  Major high end furniture manufacturer (case goods, upholstery and accessories) located in the Southeast.  This person will oversee all domestic operations including sales, marketing, merchandising, finance and distribution. 

VP & GENERAL MANAGER - BEDDING PRODUCTS:  The successful candidate came from one of the "big 3" companies.  He will start up a bedding division for this $850MM company.

VP PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT:  For a $500MM furnishings company.  The successful candidate did not come from the furniture business but had strong experience with the Stage Gate process.

VP PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN:  For a very successful $100MM furniture manufacturer/importer.  This person had an outstanding record of success in both design and merchandising.

CEO:  We successfully recruited the CEO of a very fine family held company located in central North Carolina.  This individual became part of the succession plan replacing the CEO and founder of the company.

VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS:  For a new division of one of the most successful companies in the industry.  The individual selected was the former president of a high end upholstery division of a major furnishings conglomerate. 

CEO: $500MM supplier to the furnishings industry. The successful candidate came from outside the industry and had previously been CEO at a $7B division of a Fortune 50 company.  We represented the board of directors to bring this engagement to a successful conclusion.

VICE PRESIDENT OF MERCHANDISING:  For one of the world's largest furniture manufacturers/importers.  This person is already having a significant impact in the development of new, exciting product. 

VICE PRESIDENT & GENERAL MANAGER HEALTHCARE:  For a newly created division of a major, publicly held furniture company.  Procured a candidate with a MBA and 12 years experience as Vice President of Sales & Marketing with a healthcare furnishings organization. 

VICE PRESIDENT & GENERAL MANAGER HOSPITALITY DIVISION:  This was a start-up venture for a $150MM home furnishings company.  The successful candidate had a similiar experience taking a start-up division from $0 to $12MM in a short period of time.

EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT:  Our client was an Asian manufacturer making a major statement in the U.S. marketplace.  We recruited a highly experienced executive with strong expertise in sales, marketing and merchandising.

VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES & MARKETING:  Our client was a $25MM family owned supplier to the bedding industry and retailers.  The successful candidate had an established record of success in the West Coast bedding business.

CFO:  Represented a very successful $200MM upholstery producer.  The successful candidate was a MBA with strong operational experience. 

VP of MERCHANDISING & DESIGN-LIGHTING & ACCESSORIES:  Our client was a $100MM high end furniture manufacturer.  Procured one of the top talents in the high end/to the trade category. 

VP of MERCHANDISING:  For a high end, case goods division of a major furniture manufacturer.  The successful candidate had a strong track record with two of our client’s major competitors.  She was highly regarded by high end stores and the design community.

VP & GENERAL MANAGER - BEDDING:  For a major furniture and home furnishings manufacturer.  This individual is already making a significant impact with our client’s bedding division.

CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER:  To be responsible for all divisions and functions of a multi-division $150MM high end manufacturer.  The successful candidate was located in the area and relocation was avoided.

PRESIDENT:  North America for a $400MM offshore high end furniture company.   The candidate had a very stable, successful track record in the product category and will be able to attract several key employees.

SENIOR WOOD SPECIALIST:  $700MM musical instrument corporation.  Prerequisite required that the person have 10+ years experience, a wood technology degree with hardwood experience, live in Southern California, play the guitar and speak Spanish.  We were successful.

PRESIDENT:  Major promotional upholstery company.  The successful candidate had a strong sales/marketing background as well as general management experience.

CEO: High end furniture manufacturer license by a major designer.  We were able to successfully bring candidates to the table and secure the talents of an industry leader in less than 20 days.

VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS:  $700MM musical instruments corporation.  We were able to procure the services of an executive in a similar position with their leading competitor.

VICE PRESIDENT NATIONAL ACCOUNTS:  Our client was a major promotional upholstery manufacturer.  The candidate has an excellent reputation with retailers that accounted for over 25% of this company’s business.

VICE PRESIDENT of GLOBAL MANUFACTURING:  For a large, high end U.S. owned firm located in Vietnam.  Successfully recruited the former VP of Manufacturing of a well known U.S. manufacturer to manage the 4,500 employee operation.

CORPORATE CONTROLLER:  $150MM contract/institutional manufacturer owned by a leading venture capital firm.  We were able to source an excellent candidate in a related industry that did not require location.

VICE PRESIDENT, GLOBAL SOURCING:  We procured a candidate with extensive negotiating skill for this industry leader.

CEO: We recruited a strong leader from the retail community with previous experience in the manufacturing sector for this Asian owned U.S. based company. This candidate had excellent merchandising as well as strong sales and marketing experience.

CEO: For a $30MM highly profitable specialty contract chair company owned by a non-furniture venture capital firm. This individual had successfully run a $200MM institutional furniture company and was attracted by strong equity.

VICE PRESIDENT, LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN: For a $160MM home furnishings company. The successful candidate had extensive experience in the U.S. and Asia.

SR. VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES: For a $300MM Asian owned importer. We were able to attract an individual with one of the strongest reputations in the industry.

SR. VICE PRESIDENT/COO: To manage all operations and supply chain functions for a $500MM furniture manufacturer/importer. This person manages 2,000 employees in a multi plant environment. The successful candidate was an MBA with experience outside the furniture industry.

CFO – $700MM COMPANY: We successfully procured a CFO to replace the retired CFO that we placed with the company a number of years ago. This position required unique skill sets with very close attention to the corporate personality.

SR. VICE PRESIDENT SALES & MARKETING: We were able to secure the services of one of the most talented individuals in the industry for this $200MM privately held company.

CEO: We secured the services of one of the most experienced executives in the industry for this new acquisition of a boutique equity investment firm.

PRESIDENT – $350MM FURNITURE MANUFACTURER / IMPORTER – This was a highly confidential engagement in which we sourced some of the top names in the industry. The successful candidate had an excellent reputation with their current account base.

VICE PRESIDENT/MERCHANDISING: For a $500MM industry leader. The successful candidate has already made major contributions in the development of highly marketable products and new Asian sources.

ASIAN OPERATIONS MANAGER: We recruited this highly qualified, stable expat to oversee all product development and quality control for a $350MM U.S. company. This person had an excellent reputation with Chinese factories and will be headquartered in the Shanghai area.

DIRECTOR OF ASIAN MANUFACTURING – DONGGUAN, CHINA. We were able to secure the services of one of the top ex-patriots who currently lived in the Dongguan area. Our client is a rapidly expanding $100MM case goods manufacturer and importer.

PRESIDENT – $40MM SCHOOL AND HOSPITALITY MANUFACTURER LOCATED IN CHICAGO. This is a division of a $350MM company. We also recruited two other division presidents and their corporate CEO.

VICE PRESIDENT MERCHANDISING CASE GOODS: Our client is a West Coast based manufacturer and importer who owns their own Asian factories. We secured a candidate with strong working relationships with major retailers, suppliers, and designers.

SALES MANAGER: JUVENILE FURNITURE. Our client was a well known Canadian company. This engagement required extensive research in the juvenile furniture industry. The successful candidate had an impressive track record in the U.S. market.

VICE PRESIDENT UPHOLSTERY MERCHANDISING: We were able to attract one of the top names in the industry for this $400MM global furniture manufacturer. This individual was named as one of the top five merchandisers by a leading trade magazine.

EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT: INSTITUTIONAL FURNITURE. We have an extensive relationship with this client having recruited the corporate CEO, CFO, and two division presidents. Since our first engagement with this company in 1995, they have grown from $48MM to $250MM. The recently recruited executive vice president doubled the sales of his former company and is a Harvard MBA.

PRESIDENT: This individual was selected to succeed the CEO of a very reputable $75MM employee-owned company. The successful candidate had a strong grounding in finance with general management and sales experience. Being an employee-owned company, strong emphasis was placed on cultural acclimation.

VICE PRESIDENT – CASE GOODS MERCHANDISING: This engagement was conducted for a $300MM prestigious Canadian manufacturer. The successful candidate had extensive experience in both the manufacturing and retail sectors. This executive was relocated to Canada.

PRESIDENT – U.S. OPERATIONS: For a publicly held Singapore based furniture manufacturer. The successful candidate had strong experience in sales/marketing and was culturally acclimated to the Far East.

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER: Our client was a $200MM multi-division institutional furniture manufacturer located in the Southwest. Working with their investment banking firm, we had previously recruited their CEO, Vice President of Manufacturing and a division president. This client has grown from $38MM to over $200MM since 1995.

PRESIDENT: Recruited a president for a $40MM division of a publically held home furnishing manufacturer. The successful candidate had a fine track record. He was president of both an import company and a major U.S. manufacturer. His predominant strengths were sales, merchandising, and manufacturing.

PRESIDENT: Institutional Case Goods Manufacturer. We conducted a confidential engagement to replace the president of this $40MM manufacturer of laboratory and educational furnishings. We recruited one of the top operational executives in the contract/institutional arena.

VICE PRESIDENT and GENERAL MANAGER: We were engaged by a major publically held ($1.3B) furnishings company to recruit the vice president and general manager of their home furnishings division. The successful candidate possessed strong background in sales, marketing, and finance.

EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES & MARKETING for a $300MM manufacturer and importer of home furnishings: This is a major U.S. firm owned by offshore interests. The successful candidate had 29 years experience with his previous company.

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER for a highly successful $180MM upholstery operation located in the Southeast.

EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES & MARKETING: We recruited an individual living in the Southeast for this very successful $125MM Canadian firm. Our client required us to source an individual with familiarity to department store accounts as well as top 100 retailers.

CEO for a prestigious 157-year-old family owned case goods manufacturer located in the Midwest. The successful candidate had definitive strengths with our client’s current customers as well as the ability to develop a substantial import program.

VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS for a $90 million high volume case goods operation located in the Southwest. The successful candidate was an executive living in California.

CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER of a $100 million promotional upholstery company located in the northern Mississippi area. The successful candidate had a strong track record in manufacturing logistics and administration.

CEO – Leather Upholstery Manufacturer. We recruited one of the top names in the business for this Italian manufacturer with plants in China. This engagement required extensive international travel and consultation both in Asia and Europe.

CEO – $100 million upholstery company located in northern Mississippi. We represented an investment banking firm in this engagement.

VICE PRESIDENT OF PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT for a $600 million furniture manufacturer with international operations.

CEO – $60 million casegoods and occasional furniture manufacturing firm owned by a publicly held company. Our client was located in central Indiana.

VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES & MARKETING for a $45 million medium price bedroom furniture manufacturer located in southern California. Our client was a privately held company. We represented their CEO and Board of Directors in this engagement.

CEO of a $35 million educational caseworks manufacturer located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Our client was an investment/holding firm that we have represented on three other occasions in which we procured a CEO for an $80 million division that produces educational furnishings. We also procured the Vice President of Manufacturing and the Chief Financial Officer for the same operation.

PRESIDENT for a $50 million producer/importer of occasional furnishings. This is a Canadian based firm; however the President is located in High Point, North Carolina.

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER – Our client was a $400 million supplier to the industry located in North Carolina.