Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the reasons for using Ariail & Associates?

A qualified person for the job does not currently exist in the organization.

When the necessary talent is not available for promotion into a key position, a search firm can help pinpoint the right individuals from the outside.

Confidentiality is an issue.

When handling a sensitive assignment, such as when an incumbent is still on the job, Ariail & Associates can work discreetly behind the scenes. The search can be conducted in their name instead of the name of their client company. This is also applicable when a company may not wish to have its competition know its plans in regard to restructuring, marketing, succession planning, etc. Ariail & Associates is accustomed to handling these delicate situations. We have extensive experience working with boards of directors, outside investors, venture capitalists, and others in the M&A and investment community.

Conventional recruiting methods have failed.

Usually the best candidates for a position are happily employed and are not reading the executive help-wanted ads. Our firm can help ferret out these individuals and present the opportunity in a positive fashion to generate interest.

The company needs an individual with skills unfamiliar to them.

An organization that is expanding or in an acquisition mode may need individuals with new skills or industry expertise. Our extensive research enables us to quickly target desirable executives in the furnishings industry.

Personality and compatibility are paramount.

Based on our extensive research, we have excellent “feel” for the corporate and individual personalities existing in the furnishings industry. When the right “personality fit” is crucial, such as when a particular management style is dominant in an organization, Ariail & Associates uses proven evaluation techniques to assure that all candidates have the right “chemistry” to blend with present management.

Evaluation and comparison of existing management.

It is not unusual for us to consider internal candidates and objectively compare them to outside executives during the course of the assignment.

Are there many executive search firms?

Yes, there are a number of fine national executive search firms such as Russell Reynolds, Heidrick & Struggles, Boyden, etc. Unlike these firms Ariail & Associates is a boutique search firm concentrating only in the furnishings industry. Our methodology is basically the same, but our research expense is considerably less which is reflected in our fees.

How much time do you ordinarily require to complete a search?

The average time required for us to complete an assignment is about 45 days. This has varied from as little as two weeks to six months. We work with a sense of urgency to complete each engagement as expeditiously as possible without sacrificing the quality of the effort.

Do you concentrate in a particular geographical area?

No. We work nationally and internationally with clients and candidates. We have successfully represented client companies in Europe, South America, Canada, and the Far East. We employ state-of-the-art communications equipment to work with domestic and international clients.

What about confidentiality?

We conduct engagements in our name. The identity of the client company is withheld until an appropriate time, keeping the search from becoming common knowledge. Based on our reputation, candidates and sources know that they can trust us and are more receptive and willing to cooperate with our efforts.

How do you source candidates?

After ascertaining a client company’s needs, we spend a great deal of time researching related companies and individuals through a sophisticated database management system. For the most part, we go after executives who are successfully and gainfully employed. Additionally, because of the mutual trust we have developed over the years, a number of senior executives who are not “actively seeking” make their desires known to us. We would approach them only if a client company’s needs were applicable.

How do you get business?

Most of our business comes to us through referrals or repeat clients.

Do you have occasion to turn down assignments?

Yes. If we feel a search is outside our realm of expertise or if we are fully retained, we will reject the assignment. It is our intent to do quality work. We simply will not “overbook” ourselves.

What makes your company different from the rest?

Since we deal exclusively with clients in the home furnishings and contract furniture industry, we believe our long experience and intimate knowledge of these markets enhance our ability to communicate with clients and candidates. In many cases, we are charged with the heavy responsibility of directly influencing profitability of companies, the success or failure of new ventures, and affecting change in individuals’ lives. We take these responsibilities seriously.